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There is nothing scarier than getting into an auto accident injury and not knowing the full extent of your injuries, which is why it is important to seek urgent medical care after enduring an auto accident to ensure fast and effective treatment

While prevention is the best way to deal with an auto accident, it is not always possible to do so, and accidents simply happen from time to time. If you or someone you are with is injured in any manner after an auto accident, come into our urgent medical care facility to ensure proper treatment is administered.

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Questions to Ask Your Urgent Medical Care Provider

  • What are my injuries and do I have any physical or mental limitations I should be aware of?
  • Can I still go to work or school? If not, how long will I be forced to miss work or school?
  • What specifically caused my injuries?
  • Should I come in for follow up appointments? Should I see a specialist?
  • What treatment options are available?
  • What testing procedures did you use to diagnose my injuries?
  • Do you have copies of my medical record for me to give to my boss or teachers/professors?
  • What do I do if the pain or complications caused by my injury do not improve with time?
  • How an Auto Accident Injury Is Diagnosed

    Here at our urgent medical care facility, we understand the importance of receiving prompt treatment after an auto accident injury. For proper treatment to be successfully administered promptly, it is vital to diagnose the injury to begin with properly. While some auto accident injuries are blatant and obvious, other types of injuries - such as head injuries - require testing to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

    Although there are various other testing options available to us here at our urgent medical care facility, here are the most common tests we perform on individuals who have suffered an auto accident injury:

  • Physical examination
  • MRI
  • Medical ultrasound
  • CT scan
  • X-Ray
  • The first step in our diagnosis process after an auto accident injury is to conduct a quick, yet thorough physical examination to determine any injuries that may require immediate assistance, such as a deep laceration, broken bone, etc.

    After a physical examination, there may not be a need for further testing if the auto accident was minor. However, in many cases, an MRI or ultrasound scanner may be utilized to determine if any injuries were sustained that examination or X-Ray cannot determine.  MRI and ultrasounds do a particularly good job at noticing injuries to the body’s internal organs.

    In the event damage to bones is believed to have occurred, there is a high likelihood a CT scan or an X-Ray will be performed in order to determine whether there is indeed a fracture and how serious the fracture is if one exists.

    Treatment Options for an Auto Accident Injury

    The form of treatment administered by our staff is dependent upon the type of injury that was endured during the car accident. While life-threatening injuries that require immediate surgery is better treated at a hospital, here at our urgent medical care facility, we can handle various types of mild to moderate injuries.

    Here are a few of the most common, more broad forms of treatment we might administer following an auto accident injury:

  • Splints, braces, and slings
  • Traction for broken bones
  • Pain medication
  • Most auto accidents are painful, which means medication to control the pain level is often needed following in an injury. In the event you suffer a head injury, which is common in auto accidents, pain medication may not be given. However, it is commonly used to treat the pain associated with bodily injuries.

    In the event you suffer a minor fracture, sprain or a strain, a splint, brace or arm sling may be given to help the affected bone receive proper rest. In some instances, traction may be provided, which is a mechanism used to ensure dislocations and minor fractures heal in the appropriate position. If you suffer a bone fracture that requires surgery, you will be referred to a hospital that can meet your needs.

    After proper rest is administered and the injury heals properly, there is a good chance therapy will be needed to ensure strength and mobility in the affected area are restored, especially if the auto accident injury results in a fracture, sprain or strain.

    Consult With Us

    To ensure proper treatment is administered after an auto accident injury, consult with us or come into our urgent medical care facility for diagnosis and treatment. At our urgent care facility, we have a dedicated staff of medical professionals and all of the resources necessary to effectively and efficiently treat you following an accident.

    Without proper treatment, auto accident injuries can lead to bones not healing correctly following a fracture or long-term complications due to head trauma. Therefore, if you endure an auto accident injury, be sure to come in and get back to full health in no time.


    Q: What should I do immediately after a car accident?

    A: There is likely to be a lot going through your head following a car accident. While seeking medical assistance is the most important responsibility you have, other things need to be done if you are not severely injured. After calling the police, be sure to take pictures of the accident and make sure you take down the other driver’s insurance information. Then, and most importantly, get medical assistance.

    Q: I’m afraid my boss is going to fire me if I miss work due to my injury. What should I do?

    A: Be sure to ask us for a copy of your medical records before you leave. We can ensure your boss knows of the full extent of your injuries and has no reason to doubt the severity of your injury. In most cases, they cannot legally fire you for missed work after a serious auto accident injury.

    Q: When should I go to urgent care for an auto accident injury? When should I go to the ER?

    A: Our urgent medical care facility can treat any auto accident injury that needs immediate medical attention but is not life-threatening. If you are bleeding severely, have a comminuted fracture or are in and out of consciousness, call 911 immediately.

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