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As a medical clinic offering primary health care and urgent care, we offer patients a variety of medical services including arthritis treatment. There is no reason to continue living with the difficulty and pain of arthritis symptoms. Arthritis treatment can involve a combination of medication, customized treatment methods, therapy and lifestyle changes.

Arthritis treatment is offered at Eldridge Family Clinic in Houston and to people in the surrounding area. We provide various treatment options to help relieve the strain of arthritis in the patient's joints. Along with that, we will help patients begin to find effective methods for longer-lasting relief.

If you are suffering from arthritis in your knees, then call us to learn how we can help relieve the pain by using gel knee injections, hyaluronic acid injections and Genvisc 850.

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Benefits of Arthritis Treatments

Treatment for Arthritis can help to relieve the everyday pain. When knee pain occurs, it is referred to as osteoarthritis. Different injections such as Genvisc 850 and hyaluronic acid can be useful in helping to relieve the pain. Benefits of our treatment include:

  • Finding effective and professional medical pain relief
  • Receiving customized treatment from professionals
  • Being able to make changes to a customized treatment plan
  • Relieving pressure off the joints
  • Working with us to continue lifestyle changes promoting recovery
  • Arthritis treatment
  • Arthritis causes an inflammation of the joints which makes it difficult to function on a regular basis. With multiple types and forms of Arthritis, it is ultimately best to consult with a professional who can help evaluate the patient for a treatment plan. We will review the patient's current condition and medical history with arthritis as well as any other medical conditions.

    With this information, we will develop a customized treatment plan. We will identify the source and location of arthritis through testing and recommend treatment.

    Types of Treatment for Arthritis in the Knees

    Each arthritis treatment plan varies depending on the type, the severity and the preferences of the patient. However, each treatment has the main goal of relieving discomfort so that one can function normally and healthily.

    Some notable arthritis treatments are injections such as gel knee injections or hyaluronic acid ones. Genvisc 850 is also offered by our office due to the significant effect it can have on patients. We can help patients learn to manage their condition and find lasting pain relief.

    Gel knee injections

    This type of Arthritis treatment is also known as osteoarthritis knee pain. The injection is used to supplement fluid into the knee to help lubricate and cushion the joint. Part of the issue with arthritis is that the bones and joints will rub together, causing unnecessary friction and pain.

    Doing a gel knee injection can help bring relief to the area which will help reduce dysfunction and pain. The effects of gel knee injections for Arthritis can last up to six months and are typically a regularly-administered treatment for long-lasting relief.

    Genvisc 850

    This specific type of Arthritis treatment is also used for knee pain. It is administered by a medical specialist via intra-articular injection. This means that we will insert a needle into the area of the knee containing the fluid buildup. The Genvisc 850 will help to reduce pain in the area that cushions the joint.

    Hyaluronic acid Injections

    We typically recommend injecting hyaluronic acid after the patient tries other pain medications to limited results. When over-the-counter pain relievers are ineffective, this treatment is another option. The substance in hyaluronic acid injections is quite similar to a natural one that is in the body already.

    Acting as a lubricant and shock absorber in the joints, the acid helps the joints work properly. The type of treatment we recommend for the patient will help the patient recover. Along with that, we may recommend other lifestyle changes that can help further recovery and lasting relief from pain that hinders daily activity.

    Call us for Treatment Today

    A lot of people struggle each day with one of the various forms of arthritis. However, with the help of our office, you can receive treatment that will help relieve the pain. We are happy to consult with you so that we can determine how we can best help you. As modern medicine continues to evolve, there are now multiple methods to help regain control of one's life and break out from under the shadow of a condition like arthritis.

    If you have questions about treatment plans or want to be evaluated for treatment, then reach out to our office. We have trained professionals who can help you get the arthritis treatment that you need. Give us a call or stop by today.

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