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What Can Be Treated At A Walk In Clinic?

What Can Be Treated At A Walk-In Clinic?

Do you need to visit a walk-in clinic but are not quite sure what kind of health conditions they can treat? Sometimes it can be hard to understand what you should do when you are experiencing health problems or are simply not feeling well. While you probably want to make an appointment with your primary…

Tips From A Walk In Clinic To Help Avoid The Flu

5 Tips From A Walk-In Clinic To Help Avoid The Flu

Walk-in clinics across the nation are flooded with cases of the flu every year. A highly contagious virus that causes aches, pains and a high fever, influenza affects anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of the U.S. population. That is about 31 million outpatient visits to walk-in clinics each year.Now, imagine if just a small…